To provide the best soccer experience possible for the children of Naugatuck



The philosophy of NYS when it comes to the youth recreation program is as follows:
To promote and develop a fun soccer experience for as many children as possible. 
We will attempt to offer individuals both old and young an opportunity to participate in this game and have fun while they learn to enjoy the finer points and skills.  Adults directing these programs should keep in mind that we are emphasizing fun for all the players on the field. 

Conclusively, our goals are:

  • To teach the basic principles of soccer.
  • To give the players an enjoyable recreational experience. 

In order to achieve these goals, the following must be maintained:

  • The quality of the playing fields and equipment used should be the best available to Naugatuck Youth Soccer.
  • The adult volunteers must be the most dedicated, capable group that can be obtained.
  • All volunteers must be aligned to the Naugatuck Youth Soccer League philosophy.
  • The organizational by-laws and playing rules must reflect this philosophy.