To provide the best soccer experience possible for the children of Naugatuck


​In-house Rec, U5-U10, is open for Fall 2018 Registration!  


​Please click on the below link to register:


If you have questions about the change to Birth Year registration by US Youth Soccer, please download our Q&A here.


U5/U6 is coed

​U7/U8 is coed, pending numbers, this group may be split for girls teams and boys teams

​U9/U10 is split, girls teams and boys teams


​U9 and U10 Pool teams are available, please see Pool Program under Home on the left for more information,

registration for U9/U10 is required to participate in the Pool Program


​Cost is $85.00 for Fall 2018 for U5-U10 In House Rec or $144.50 for both Seasons

​Cost is $130.00 for Fall 2018 for U11-U14 Comp or $221.00 for both Seasons


If you are new to NYS, you must supply a copy of your child's birth certificate when you register online.  You will also need to upload a head shot of your child, this will be used for Comp Player Passes.


​If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact NYS Registrar @